Art on Traffic Light Boxes

This Project was seeking to solve an ongoing maintenance issue due to tagging, graffiti and stickering of traffic light boxes and the ongoing need to repaint with associated costs.

A secondary aim was the improved visual amenity and creation of locally referenced talking points.

The solution proposed was that by putting artworks onto the boxes we could remove or alleviate the need for maintenance, whilst improving the public realm experience.

The trial took place in the Markets Area of Dublin. There were 11 suitable traffic light boxes in this area.

There was an open call for expression of interest in painting These 11 boxes with art – (no commercial content) and a defined brief was given. See here for further details. This Beta Project only looked at artworks on the boxes, and not any forms of commercial work or advertising.

Once submissions had qualified (ie fit the criteria – which all submissions incidentally did) they were voted on by those who had participated and those with a stated interested who were invited to an open meeting.

11 designs were selected from 15 submissions.